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Speed Optimization


Are you tired of slow load times with your store? Look no further we're here to help. 

We will never promise you a certain load time but we do promise we can greatly improve your load times!

Once you make a purchase we send your store a support request and we start optimizing! We don't promise a specific speed but what we do promise is load time improvements, Mainly because apps are out of our control.

  • We minify all JS and CSS
  • Images are properly lazy loading
  • Lazy load product description images
  • Defer scripts and other elements
  • We pre-load and pre-fetch DNS entries 
  • Pre-load your CSS and JSS
  • Add in pre-fetching for hyperlinks
  • (Top secret strategies 😉)

What to expect

Here at NerdlySolutions we optimize stores on a regular basis, We strive to optimize your stores to the best of our abilities.

Many factors come into play when it comes to your store's load times. A large majority of our methods and strategies apply to all stores. 

We have some limitations: We can't control 3rd party apps, server configurations, design choices.


What's the process?

Our standard process on store:

  1. You’ll be assigned to one of our Nerds to handle your optimizations
  2. We backup your live theme and do all work on this new theme
  3. One of our nerds will communicate with you during the project
  4. We show you reports of both before and after


What's your guarantee?

We can’t predict exact speed changes but in most cases, we can make your site lighter and faster during page load. If you order an optimization package we promise there will be a load time difference

Can you get my store to load in X seconds?

This depends on a few factors:

  1. What apps are installed
  2. Where/What tools you use to check your store speeds.
  3. Connection of speed testing tools.
  4. How optimized your store already is.
  5. In short no we can't get you a certain score based upon all the variables that come in to play, We can promise you an improvement in page load times.
What can't be optimized?

We have some restrictions

  1. Connections outside of your store
  2. Apps ( seriously stop installing a million apps)
  3. Slow computers/phones ( your browser plays a major role)
  4. Browser extensions that cause user issues
  5. Shopify/Server-side issues