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  1. Announcement bar


First part of the header here we have is the announcement bar which can be used to announce anything that is important for your visitors to know. Maybe you have an offer or a discount coupon, or you want everybody to know you are organic or you offer free shipping, delays, restock, whatever it might be, this is a good place for it

  • Regarding functionality as you can see you can;
  • enable or disable it
  • you can choose whether you want it to be shown on the homepage only or for it to appear on every page a visitor goes on your website.
  • You can choose a dark, light or white theme for it or you also have the choice of having it in your store’s primary or secondary colors which are set in theme settings->colors
  • Next is the actual text you want to appear on the announcement bar with an optional link and button if maybe you want it to navigate to an offer page or the shipping policy etc.



  1. Logo

This is your identity, a visual representation of the message you are trying to communicate to your visitors to make them understand who you are and what you do, hence it is always a smart idea to invest some time in your logo.

  • Here we have the option to upload an image
  • Right under you are able to change the dimensions of your logo in order to make it look good and clear in all screen sizes
  • Alternatively you are able to use an SVG image link to get your logo up there
  • Right under the box with the link inside, you have instructions and links on how you can do this.



  1. Menu


Here you can select which menu you would like to appear on the header. Usually this is the main menu which can be created and customized from your store admin by just clicking on the blue “edit menu” text on the top right of the box.

Once that’s taken care of you have the ability to change the position of the menu items and apply different animations as well as their duration if you choose to, and there’s a link that you can follow to choose an animation.


  1. General settings and cart icon

Here you are able to change the color of the navbar, wrap it in the container, and make it sticky (scrolls down with you) and can assign shadows.

Note: If you would like a custom color for your navbar, select “custom” then go to theme settings->colors->navbar and select the color you like

  • As for the cart, you can change the appearance of the cart icon (bag, basket etc.)
  • Add/change animations to the cart icon
  • Show or hide the images of the products added to cart (when cart icon is opened)
  • Adjust width and height
  • Toggle border and choose the effects when hovering on the icon 


  1. Currency converter

The last part of the header, we have the currency converter. This can be particularly useful for conversion rates as it gives your shopper the chance to see their local currency rather than having to do brain mathematics or worse, get distracted away from your store to google currency conversions.


Please note that shoppers will only be able to checkout in their native currency if you have multi-currency checkout enabled by shopify. If you’re not sure if you do or what that is, just get in touch with shopify live chat and they will help you out.


Here you are able to turn it off or on, you can enable a filtering option so someone can type “USD” or “EUR” or whatever their currency might be, without having to scroll through all the currencies trying to find it.


You can also show the flag of the corresponding currency for more visuals and lastly the option to ask the user if they want the currency to be switched for them when they land on your store.


If you are having any problems with currencies displaying correctly, you might have to take an additional step and change some settings from your shopify admin. In this case, Shopify live chat will be able to point you towards these steps. If after that you are still having any problems, feel free to reach out to us.