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Featured product


Use this section to showcase a product you want to feature, inside the section controls, you have your standard customization settings and toggles that we will go through below. You can also open the little gear icon on the bottom to access more customization settings.


Product settings

  • Select product to feature
  • Show/hide image gallery of the product
  • Show/hide product title and adjust size
  • Show/hide product description and adjust character limit
  • Show/hide discount badges
  • Show/hide product price
  • Show/hide share buttons (note: You can adjust options for share buttons under 'Theme Settings')
  • Show/hide add to cart button
  • Show/hide quantity selector on the add to cart form
  • Responsive breakpoint ( define at what screen size point the layout should switch from row to column)
  • Top and bottom margins (spacing of the section)