Elite Store

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Get on the right path to a branded store 

The elite store is perfect if you want to expand your business and provide brand awareness.   Branding is the process of creating a strong perception of business and products.  It helps starting companies and established companies differentiate themselves from their competitors and build a loyal customer base. 

Please select one of the following layouts listed above, and one of our Nerds will be contacting you promptly to discuss the specifications of your project further. 

What's Included?

✅Custom Logo
✅1 Slider Banner
✅Custom Favicon
✅Mobile Device Ready
✅Product Optimization Audit Limit 5
✅100% Ownership Of Store
✅14 Business Day Delivery Time *
✅7 Days Support
✅Theme configuration (colors, layout, advanced settings)
✅Business configuration (address/ contact)
✅Inventory locations 
✅Product import 
✅Category creation and product assignment 
✅Gift Card configuration
✅Navigation elements 
✅Mega-menu configuration 
✅Shipping configuration for inventory locations
✅Domain name connection