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In this section you are able to showcase as many of your blog posts as you wish. Just like other sections, you are able to edit things like heading and subheading, spacing, size, margins plus blog specific customizations like showing or hiding the author, date, comment count, an excerpt as well as how much of that excerpt you want to show as a preview to entice the reader to click through and read the full post.


This is great for nurturing a relationship with your customers. The more of your content they consume, the more time they spend with you, the more they like and trust you, the more it is likely that they will buy and stick with you.



  • Heading and subheading text (think title and description of the section)
  • Select a blog
  • Total blog posts to display from that blog
  • Adjust the number of blog posts per row on different screen sizes (tip: to better understand the screen sizes, just look at the number of products displayed on your screen and see what it corresponds with and you can take it from there)
  • Heading alignment and size
  • Wrap in container function (changes the size of the section)

Blog post settings

  • Show/hide title
  • Title size
  • Show/hide author
  • Show/hide date
  • Show/hide number of comments
  • Show post truncate (an excerpt from the post)
  • Post truncate (number of characters to display)
  • Show/hide “read more” button
  • Button color, variant and size
  • Post image width and height
  • Image border/circular shape
  • Hover effect
  • Adjust the top and bottom margins (spacing) of the section
  • Adjust horizontal and vertical gutter (spacing between the posts)