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Featured collections


As the name suggests, this section allows you to display and feature 1 or more collections on your homepage. Think of it like a trailer to your store, rather than the customer having to go all over the place to figure out what it is you sell or what they want, you are able to organize and display a little preview of everything.


Depending on how you want to use it, it can be, as mentioned, organized into multiple collections to show the different products you sell. It can also be used to feature a single collection that’s on sale for example or your most profitable products that you want shoppers to see and possibly buy the most out of the rest of your products.


When inside the featured collection block, you are presented with different ways of customizing what is displayed such as;

  • Heading and subheading text and spacing (think title and description)
  • Choosing which collection to put on display
  • Choosing the number of products to display from that collection
  • Adjust the number of products per row on different screen sizes (tip: to better understand the screen sizes, just look at the number of products displayed on your screen and see what it corresponds with and you can take it from there)

General settings

  • Adjust heading size
  • Adjust heading alignment
  • Toggle wrap in container function (changes the size of the section)

Product settings

  • Align all text to the center
  • Show/hide product title
  • Show/hide discount badges
  • Show/hide product price
  • Show/hide from text
  • Adjust spacing under product prices
  • Show/hide add to cart form (displays variants and add to cart button)
  • Show/hide quantity selector on the add to cart form
  • Show/hide available inventory on the add to cart form
  • Enable/disable quickview functionality
  • Product title size
  • Product title margin bottom (space below the title)

Product image settings

  • Adjust height and width of images
  • Product image crop (choose where on the image to focus)
  • Enable/disable borders
  • Enable/disable circle shape
  • Hover effect

Spacing settings

  • Adjust the top and bottom margins (spacing) of the section
  • Adjust horizontal and vertical gutter (spacing between the products)




In this image you can see some of the customizations mentioned above, but what I would like to point your attention to is the little gear icon on the bottom.

When you open it, it allows you to turn off or on your wishlist, as well as customize the quickview button and discount badges *see image below*