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Collection list


Very similar to featured collections in the sense of it being an organizational asset to you the store owner.

This section allows you to display as many collections as you like, which as mentioned, has multiple purposes that it can serve according to how you use it.

Once opened you will see a similar interface to other sections in terms of sizing settings and customizations, we have;

  • Heading and subheading text and spacing (think title and description)
  • Adjust the number of collections per row on different screen sizes (tip: to better understand the screen sizes, just look at the number of products displayed on your screen and see what it corresponds with and you can take it from there)

General settings

  • Adjust heading size
  • Adjust heading alignment
  • Toggle wrap in container function (changes the size of the section)

Collection settings

  • Align text to center
  • Show/hide collection titles
  • Collection title size
  • Show/hide number of products in a given collection
  • Show/hide collection description (that you’ve written when creating that collection)
  • Collection description truncate (number of characters to display from the description)
  • Collection image width and height
  • Enable/disable image border and/or image as a circle
  • Hover effect

Spacing settings

  • Adjust the top and bottom margins (spacing) of the section
  • Adjust horizontal and vertical gutter (spacing between the collections)