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In the product cross sell section you have the ability to offer the customer additional products that they can purchase when they click add to cart and if they do then they unlock a discount so it is perceived as a better deal for them.

One thing to note about the configuration of this feature is that you need to be sure to create at discount code in your Shopify admin and then place it inside the discount code field as seen in the image below otherwise the discount will not work.


the discount amount field you will write the discount percentage that you have created in your Shopify admin so it can be displayed when it appears for the customer.

the cookie expiration setting is how many days the discount would still work automatically for a specific customer.

In other words if I visit your store today, I click add to cart, I see your offer I add additional items to my cart from your offer but I do not check out, this setting allows you to control how many days the discount would still be applied automatically when or if I come back to finish my purchase.

Lastly you have the ability to customize things like the success message which is what the customer will see after they have taken the offer and qualified for the discount, for example, congratulations! enjoy your 20% off!

and of course, there are settings to customize the appearance of the cross sell pop up sizing, animation and progress bar.

List of settings

  • Title text
  • Header text
  • Discount code (mentioned above)
  • Cookie expiration (mentioned above)
  • Discount amount
  • Discount success message
  • Number of products to display on different screen sizes
  • Animations
  • Progress bar type, color, and value
  • Show/hide progress bar
  • Product image sizing and hover effect