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Custom Pages


Custom pages are created in the Pages section of your Online Store. Using the Shopify Page editor, you can select from an array of alternate templates and use a rich-text editor (or HTML) to build the content for your pages.

When setting up a custom page, the title that you use to create the page becomes the handle for that page's link by default. You may change the handle by using the SEO Settings.

Alternate Templates

Custom pages are often used in conjunction with alternate templates to render the page with a custom layout.

The Handle is Important

In some cases, the handle for the page is important, as with the Wish List. Any spaces in the title of the page will be converted to dashes (-) in the handle by default. When creating the Wish List page, your handle should be /pages/wishlist not /pages/wish-list.

SEO Settings

If you would like to create multiple handles for a page, you may do so by creating URL redirects in the SEO settings. Redirects are often used to redirect traffic from older versions of a page to the new page.