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This section is quite similar to the product cross sell feature, they share the same customization settings, but the difference is that with upsells, customers are offered a more expensive product.


For example, the customer clicks add to cart on a lip gloss that is $10, a cross sell can be a different color lip gloss or any of your other products like an eye cream.


An upsell would introduce an upgrade to the current product, the same lip gloss they want to buy but in a set with a matching lip stick and a make up bag with a discount that would make it cheaper to buy them together rather than separately. In a way, very similar to product bundles but it’s just structured differently.


You can choose the products you want to upsell through assigning specific tags or putting them in a specific collection.

List of settings

  • Enable/disable feature
  • Mode - either show products that are related by tag or by collection. E.g tag name or collection name: 'up-sells:smart'
  • Title text
  • Message text
  • Number of products to display on different screen sizes
  • Animations
  • Progress bar type, color, and value
  • Show/hide progress bar
  • Product image sizing and hover effect