Omitir el contenido


Usually is the first section that is used on the homepage, it gives you the opportunity to clearly communicate who you are, what your offer is and most importantly a call to action above the fold. You can use 1 or multiple images to accomplish this.


Starting first with the main section settings, you are provided with instructions and information under all settings which are used to customize the look, sizing and animations of your image(s) carousel

First we have the general settings, here you can

  • Show/hide the previous and next buttons if you have more than one image
  • Show/hide indicators below (choose between dash and dot)
  • Toggle the wrap in container function (changes the size of the section)

Next we have sizing settings

  • Adjust the image resolution
  • Adjust height
  • Toggle full height functionality
  • Toggle placing the full height carousel behind the navbar

Animation settings

  • If you have more than one image, you’ll be able to control the transition effect between them with type and speed of effect
  • Choose the time delay before one image switches to the next automatically with the autoplay functionality

Spacing settings

  • Control how much space you’d like to have on the top and bottom of the section

Lazy loading, you can enable or disable this option which optimizes speed and performance


Once inside the actual content block, in this case being the image, you can further customize that individually.

This is where you can

  • upload your image of choice
  • input your text
  • input links
  • input buttons and customize their size and colors.