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Quick Start


After downloading your .zip file, navigate to your Online Store and click "Upload Theme".

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Drag and drop your .zip file into the file drop zone or click "Add file", navigate to your Theme's .zip file, and click "Open".

Once you have completed the installation, you should see Conversio in your Theme Library.

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Now that you have Conversio in your Theme Library, you have two options: Actions and Customize.


Under the Actions dropdown menu, you have the option to Preview or Publish your theme. 

Advanced: If you are using Alternate Templates, Shopify requires that you Publish Conversio before selecting those Templates using the Admin Dashboard or Editor. An alternative solution is to use `view` parameters to force the Alternate Template.


This is where the majority of customizations will be done for most users. Click Customize to open the Shopify Editor. 

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Inside the editor, you will land in the default Template — the Home page.

For more information on using the Editor, see Overview...

Custom Development

If you have any questions, or if you just need some help, please don't hesitate to schedule a consultation to learn more.

Advanced: For more information on Liquid and Shopify integrations, visit the official documentation from Shopify