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Alternate Templates

Alternate Templates are used to change the layout or style of a Template in Conversio. They have a wide variety of uses and can be used in many different settings for many different types of custom applications. Apart from changing the style of a template, alternate templates are also used in Custom Development for creating AJAX requests to load Liquid into JS template literals.

Below is a list of alternate templates that come with Conversio by default.

  • About
  • Contact
  • Documentation
  • FAQ
  • Narrow
  • Sections (deprecated)
  • Wish List
  • List
  • Sections (deprecated)
  • Add to Cart *
  • Price *

* AJAX only


Alternate Templates can be used to rearrange or render sections, blocks, or snippets anywhere you want them to be.

They are often used to create a different layout for a page, but can also be used to fetch components from Shopify's front end. If you think that this may be something that you're interested in, please schedule a consultation to learn more or purchase 😍 Custom Development so that we can adjust your store according to your needs for you.

If you are not a Shopify Expert or a Shopify Developer, this section may be too difficult for you. However, if you know and understand the basic underlying structure of Shopify Alternate Templates, then please proceed, because this section is for you!


Alternate Templates are an advanced topic, so if you've made it this far, welcome! 🤝 💯

At NerdlySolutions, we use AJAX (and Flux) along with Alternate Templates to help us maintain certain components.

If you would like to Learn more, check out this tutorial on Alternate Templates.

Rendering Components Using Alternate Templates

Using jQuery's .load() method, or in some cases, fetch, you can query your Theme from `window.location` using the `view` parameter to retrieve blocks, snippets, or sections from an Alternate Template (with {% layout none %}) and then inject that HTML into placeholders on the DOM using `.load()`'s implicit callback, `.innerHTML`, or a similar method.

For more information, or if you just need some help, feel free to contact us or schedule a consultation.

Rearranging Static Sections (deprecated)

Static Sections on the Product page can be rearranged inside of the `product.liquid` Template or an Alternate Template (the `product.sections.liquid` Template) can be used to map those Sections into rearrangeable Content Blocks by default in Conversio.

If you're having trouble reproducing this behavior, try using `view` parameters, which will force the Alternate Template regardless of whether it is in the actively published Theme, and make sure there is a way to navigate to your Alternate Template from inside of the Viewport on the Editor.