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Age Barriers


Are you selling restricted products that need age verification? Look no further we're here to help.  

Under the law, you are required to have an age questionnaire on your store if you are selling firearms, CBD, alcohol, tobacco, spray paints, fireworks, and video recordings.  It is crucial to have this in place for preventing sales to prospective customers who are underage.  

Once you decide to make a purchase, we send your store a support request through our Shopify partners account and we start with the order.    



✔Prevention of minors from purchasing illegal products. 

✔Pop up question will be the first thing to appear when someone enters your site. 

 This feature is completely customizable and added straight into your theme. You can adjust the settings with a simple click of a button in the Shopify theme editor. 



What's the process? 

Our standard process to activate this feature: 

  1. Your order will be assigned to one of our Nerds. 
  1. You will receive a partner's account request to access the store. 
  1. One of our team members will communicate with you during the project. 
  1. We will write the code in order for the age barrier pop to work. 
  1. You will have the option to enable on and off. 


What's your guarantee? 

We want both parties to be protected.  

Got questions?  Email us at and we can answer any questions you may have!