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Product Pages

Static sections

Unlike Dynamic Sections, the Static Sections on the Product Pages cannot be rearranged and/or made visible or hidden. Shopify made these templates like that by design to prevent storefront owners from placing Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) promotional content near the end of the funnel, on the Product Page. While the Static Sections on the Product Page can be enabled or disabled, you will need Custom Development if you want to rearrange them.


Product page template

Complete documentation coming soon.

Content Blocks

The Content Blocks that you see here go into your product's Add to Cart form.

Free shipping

In order for this block this work, go to Admin > Settings > Shipping and create a Shipping Rate for orders over the value that you place into the "Minimum purchase amount" field.

Show vendor
Content block container style

default: Accordion

Product bundle

Complete documentation coming soon.

Product recommendations

Complete documentation coming soon.

Sticky Add to Cart

In the case that you have a product with a single variant, this feature will place an Add to Cart Call-to-Action component at the top of the viewport when the user scrolls past the static Add to Cart form. If your product has multiple variants, a dropdown will be displayed with options for each variant.


Enable feature

Display the Sticky Add to Cart component.

default: true

Show product title

default: true

Show rating

default: true

Show product image

default: true

Image width (resolution) (px)

Sets the image width

default: 48

Image height (resolution) (px)

Sets the image height

default: false

Image border

default: false

Background color

default: Dark


Places a shadow behind the component.

default: true

Price color

default: #00E676

Default variant pretext

Text displayed before the price of the default variant if it's the only variant.

default: "Only:"

Upsales & Cross-sales

Complete documentation coming soon.


In order for this section to work, go to Admin > Discount codes and create a discount code for your Cross-sale incentive.