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🛒 New Product Page Blocks

  • Cross-Selling/Upsales
  • Free Shipping
  • Cleaner Settings
  • Smoother animations
  • Image resolution settings
  • Option to place full-height carousel underneath navbar
  • Option to change indicators to either dots or dashes

🧭 Navigation

  • More animations on the navbar — specifically the cart animation.
  • Wish List bug fix

🎨 Color Swatches

  • Image Swatches are disabled by default. If an option contains the word "color" or "colour", and the Swatch feature is enabled, those colors must be defined in the theme configuration. If you're using images, those images will also need to be imported manually.

⚙️ Settings

  • Social media share icons now disabled by default
  • Instructions in Settings

🚦 Received Instructions in Settings

  • Carousel
  • Image Gallery
  • Cross-Selling/Upsale Block
  • Free Shipping Block

📄 Documentation

  • New docs
  • New layout

📈 Bug fixes

  • Sticky Add-to-Cart bug
  • Navbar close icon bug
  • Menu spacing bug
  • Wish List